Overcome Creative Block with These Tips

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Being creative comes with a lot of perks. You can be more expressive, have a better sense of self-awareness, and you have a positive method of de-stressing. Plus, you can even make a living from the art you create. However, creative people also bump into challenges, and one of them is a creative block. Having zero ideas for a project can be quite frustrating, especially when you are running after a deadline. In case you’ve tried your un-blocking tricks and still come up blank, her are more methods that can help get those creative juices flowing.

Man drawing with pencils and pens on table

Man drawing with pencils and pens on table

1. Take a walk or go on a drive

Sometimes, the reason who you have creative block is because you have too many things on your mind. Take a break and step away for awhile from the things that are distracting you by strolling around the block or driving around the city. It can help clear your mind as you focus on the ‘new’ objects around you. Go people watching, observe the movement of trees, or admire the color of lights. You just might see everyday things in a new light, giving you ideas to start with.

2. Try a change of workplace

You may feel most comfortable in your studio or at your desk when working on your art. But when you’re feeling uncreative, being comfortable might not be helping you generate ideas. Go somewhere different, like your garden, a coffee shop, or beside the beach. Then try and challenge yourself to focus and adapt to the new environment. The process could open up your mind to new ideas or a new work process.

3. Keep a list of ideas

As you go through your every day ritual, there will be spur of the moment ideas that you say you’ll just mark and use later on. Instead, each time an idea pops up in your mind, write it down right away. This way, when you need some fuel for creativity, you have your list ready to get the gears working.

4. Challenge yourself to try something new

Most artists have a favorite medium or technique. But using the same materials and processes could make you feel limited or stagnant. Working with a new medium or using a new method could force you to approach the project another way, allowing your brain to work harder and look at things from another perspective.  

5. Just force yourself to start

If you can’t think of a subject yet, then browse at some of the works of your favorite artists and try to copy it. Or make a drawing of one of your favorite subjects, then start copying it again and again, but each time you draw a copy try to improve or change something in the drawing. The point is to get your brain working and your hands moving.

A creative block may also be a sign that your mind and body are tired, so take a break if needed and try to relax. Meditate, get a massage, watch your favorite series, read a good book, or take a nap. You’ll go back to work refreshed and re-energized and ready to squeeze out those awesome ideas.


How To Draw Simple Cartoon People

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Here at Scribble pen we are providing a great product that is the Scribble pen, but what good is it if you can’t draw anything with. So, we’re going to make a fun little tutorial on how to draw a few different cartoon characters. Drawing and creating art can be really fun after all, but no one wants to see a mess on the page when they’re done.

When we made the Scribble pen which can currently be invested in through a crowd funding platform, is meant to be so much more than a product. It’s meant to be fun, creative, and bring joy to people’s lives. So what better way than by learning how to draw a cartoon


What Artists Get From Creating

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Artists really get to experience a unique thing because art can do so many different things for a person; it just makes people feel better in general and being creative and using your mind to make something of your own creation is just a great feeling. So, let’s talk about just what an artist feels when they create and finish art.

Here at Scribble Pen we truly want to create the best art experience with a pen that can scan, mix, and produce any color for you to draw with; it’s rechargeable and refillable so it will last for a ridiculous time too. The point is, we want to make the experience of art as satisfying and amazing as possible so let’s discuss just what the art experience includes.

Happiness and Joy

Whether it’s because of any of the other reasons that we’re going to mention on this list like emotional and stress release the point is that art bring happiness to people. It brings happiness because an artist can let out their emotions on paper and show other people. It brings happiness because something has been accomplished, and it brings satisfaction too. Not only does it bring happiness to the artist but it brings happiness to other people too. When an artist sees people admiring their work it just makes them smile, even if it’s just a little child having their parents put their art work on the family fridge.


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Colors really are a wonderful thing because they bring life to the world. If there were no color in the world then everything would just be so dull and bland. All of the harmonies and contrasts that colors bring to this world just make things so much more beautiful and makes them stand out just that much more.

Not only that but colors are inspiring too, they inspire feelings and emotions and in a sense they are those things in themselves. Colors often represent emotions and characteristics, both in the art they are present in and in people too. Colors both influence how people feel and they also represent a person’s emotions and their personality; there is just so much to color!


The Scribble Pen: How To Draw

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Being an artist is a great joy of life, it lets people express their emotions on paper and in color, they get to create masterpieces of art that everybody can enjoy. And you don’t have to be a professional or world class artist to appreciate art and to create it too; it’s simply an expression of oneself.

Even though art is so popular there haven’t been very many new innovations in the field, until now that is; The Scribble Pen is here and it’s going to truly revolutionize the way that people draw and do art.